Amiran Simhy (B.Sc.- Ing. Architectural Design), is meer dan 15 jaar nationaal en internationaal werkzaam als interieurarchitect.


Amiran_DS_long Amiran Simhy (B.Sc.– Ing. Architectural Design), has been active both nationally and internationally as an interior architect for more than 15 years now.

Primarily his passion lies in the design of public spaces in the field of hospitality, health and leisure, but creating an embracing living environment is also one of his talents.

A distinctive feature of working with Amiran is his unique ability to empathize with his clients wishes. His work has been characterized as being innovative, elegant and detailed.

Having had years of experience with smaller and bigger projects, he disposes of an ample network of advisors and contractors.Amiran guides his projects from the first sketch design up to completion.

An exploratory talk with Amiran is offered to you, free of obligations.



Introductory meeting

Collaboration always starts with a no-obligation, introductory consultation. An offer is then made based on this meeting, preferably combined with a tour of the location. Although every project requires a specific approach, there are a number of general steps that can be described here.



To obtain a good overview of your wishes, we put together a Schedule of Requirements. We also take stock of all installations at the location and assess the architectural situation.


Preliminary design

This phase is when the creative process truly begins and your preferences are translated into clear spatial solutions and developed into one or more preliminary designs. Once the outline is clear, an estimate is made of construction costs. This estimate gives you a good idea about the expected renovation costs. If a building permit application must be submitted for a project, preliminary recommendations are sent to the Amenities Committee during this phase. This is in order to assess whether the design is acceptable to the municipality, thereby preventing problems with the application later on.


Final design

In this phase, the preliminary design, possibly revised in response to new insights, is refined and developed into a final design. The final design is then developed into architectural plans and a finishing schedule. The goal of the specifications and architectural plans is to enable a contractor to make a detailed offer. All work to be carried out by the contractor and his working method are detailed in order to avoid any misunderstandings. The specifications can be considered a legal document that protects both the commissioning party and contractor.



The final drawings are submitted to the contractor(s) so that an offer can be submitted.
A time schedule is drawn up and, if necessary, an application is submitted for a building permit.


Construction phase

The design phase is now completed. The next step is to ensure proper supervision. Even though all details are clarified in the specifications signed by all parties, unexpected circumstances may still arise during construction. If this occurs, I will provide advice and monitor all aesthetic aspects. It is advisable to work with a construction process manager in order to prevent failure costs.

Completion and follow-up

During the preliminary completion of the project, an ‘official report’ is drawn up, describing any work to be carried out afterwards.
After around three months, the project will be officially completed.


Amiran Simhy
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